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We at Allen Insurance are a family owned and operated full service insurance agency that specializes in burial insurance (also known as final expense insurance). As an independent insurance agency we represent well over 30 of the best known life insurance companies in the country for insuring seniors. We simply go to whichever of our companies that has the best rate for your particular circumstances. We are very determined and committed to finding the best companies with the best rates for our clients.

We will always be available for our clients.

We take customer service very seriously. So if you call us in a day, a week, a month or a year we will be here to help you. You can also choose to contact the customer service department of whichever insurance company that we place you with, but we encourage you to call us. We are your advocates and we are here to help.

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Here’s what some real customers say about Allen Insurance

  • I feel really great about you and your company! My grandparents are very happy and so am I ! 🙂 Thank you, we really appreciate everything!!
    Lisa R – Tulsa, OK
  • Thank you so much! I appreciate all the detailed information. It was very helpful.
    Jackie T – Hutto, TX
  • Thanks for all your help on this. I REALLY appreciated it.
    Nita L – Black Mountain, NC
  • I am so appreciative that you offered a different option for insurance for my husband. Thank you for taking care of everything for me. I really appreciate it.
    Eileen C. – Deerfield beach, FL
  • You have been so much more helpful than any agent I’ve ever dealt with. I wish I knew you when I was buying my last life insurance policy.
    Tracy W. – Crawfordville, FL


Common Questions And Answers

What is Final Expense/ Burial insurance?

Final Expense Insurance is normally a small amount of whole life insurance. It is very popular with seniors who are trying to cover the high cost of burial and other final expenses. It usually does not require an exam, and if a person can answer “No” to a series of 6-10 health questions, they can get the coverage.

Purchasers usually say something like this “We’re not trying to get anybody rich, we just need a small amount of insurance normally $5-$20K to cover our final expenses so we don’t burden our family with final expense costs.”

While some people choose to purchase a small whole life policy requiring no exam, others might choose to cover their final expenses by using term or universal life insurance instead. A knowledgeable honest agent can help with this decision.

I have health issues; can I still get a burial life policy?

Almost everyone can get a burial policy. Depending on the health issue, the policy may cost a little more and /or have a waiting period attached to the policy. The key is to deal with a knowledgeable Life insurance agent who represents several quality companies and will take the time to find the company that fits your health circumstances.

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